Landlords Emergency Cover

LANDLORD EMERGENCY cover is designed to give you extra protection when things go wrong unexpectedly. If a boiler breaks down, the electrics fail or the sewers back up, then Landlord Emergency Insurance will kick in and take the strain.

For a single annual fee, your policy will cover you for any number of claims on some of the most predictable problems. And the beauty is that you give the phone number to the tenant and they call it rather than you, getting the problem fixed and sorted as fast as possible.

So if the boiler goes on the blink, depending on your level of cover, you can get it fixed from £250 – £1000 worth of work as part of your emergency cover.

Often overlooked, the value of landlords emergency cover is apparent when a problem occurs. Not only is it the cost of getting the repairs, but the hassle and time required by a landlord to sort can be onerous.

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